Chic Apartment Design For Iconic Look

People could explore so many ideas even in compact area such as applying iconic idea for apartment design. There are so many pattern and palette that could be use including bright and dark colour while the pattern could be in geometric, floral or stripes accent. Don’t be hesitate to express the way you think and feel about comfort and stunning place because out there, so many furniture and also ideas that could be apply at your residence.

Let’s take a look of some impressive portfolios showing studio interior. As people know that studio apartment design needs clean and harmonize concept and look for avoiding messy atmosphere so simplicity supported by open space style should be smart idea for maximizing space and keep it down to earth into natural ambience. People whom like rich sensation could five star hotel idea at their master bedroom, they just need crystal chandelier, a couple of grey velvet arm sofa, transparent bottle vase and soft curtain drapery mostly in pastel colour.

Moreover, people can combine feminine and minimalist style where pink tufted sofa with purple flower cushion combined with white classic dining chair in studio space with white bay window installed covered by monochrome stripes curtain drapery and transparent coffee table in golden accent as the railway while red leather long couch located next to sliding glass door combined with glossy laminating wooden flooring should be wonderful especially when it could access beautiful view such as flowery garden.

Then, installing mirror both on the floor and on wooden cabinet could be smart idea for building larger image than its actual size while white colour for furniture and wall paint is also outstanding solution for studio space. In short, don’t try too hard mixing double or more accent or bold colour as studio apartment design ideas in one time because it could be bad idea though.